Friday, May 26, 2017


I've explored a new city in Indonesia called Jogja recently with my girl friends whereby this place never came to my mind before.

It's an exhausting trip as it felt so much like a high school trip when we woke up at 3am to catch the sunrise,we climbed into a muddy cave to catch the "angelic light" from the top roof and we tried our very first sand boarding! 

The biggest take away was paying our visitation to the largest Buddhist temple in the world. I love the place and i found so much inner peace there. :)

It have been a while since i last recap about my vacation and I shall look up to the previous trips that i did and made some quick flashback or maybe re-visit those places!

Entrance to Prambanan


3am to catch sunrise at Boronbudur

Morning prayers

Sand boarding


another end of the world

Friday, March 31, 2017


An overwhelming feeling that hit my face and heart constantly when you are asleep or awake so I decided to capture my thought that hits me recently.

I’m blessed that we have each other to rely on with everything that we go through in life.

I’m blessed for having the strength & believe to carry on our 2 years promise even though I know many things could be happened and there are some risks I might need to face in future.

I’m blessed for your understanding by not pushing me to settle down this soon with you and giving me the freedom to prioritize things I have in hand.

I’m blessed that you let me see the picture that I once thought you never see before and make me understand.

I’m blessed for your determination to be a better person for yourself and believe in our future.

I’m blessed that you never let me go when I always think I’m the wrong fit for you.

I’m blessed that you still want to go through it with me and make me believe from the beginning.

Hoping the day that I can come near to you again and never be separated again as you will be my future.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Love is back

On the day 1 when I met you, the feeling was so surreal and I couldn't believe you were in front of me again and 1 felt so close.

Holiday has ended and so as CNY. So much joy and memories that I would love to capture it at my little memories corner here. We came this far to love and treasure each other. I never felt so grateful and blessed before until I met you. My heart skipped when I saw you came out from the airport. I never wish to waste a sec for not seeing you as you came 9,399 miles away. 😱 You made me proud of who you are and who I am to you.

Each memories we created touched my heart deeply. I was unpacking my stuff yesterday while waiting for your call upon your arrival in NY. My happy tears dropped every sec I looked at all little stuff you got me. All little things count and I hope I will stay next to you again very soon. 

I just want to say how thankful I am to have deserved all your love & kindness. I do not know how long I could love you til but I will use the rest of my lifetime to love and treasure you.💛


Seaworld, Siam Paragon 🐋🐟🐟🐟
Shark is coming!

candid shot by him

Getting ready for Dine in the Dark
[surprise dinner for him]

Crepe by Me After You

Till we meet 👄

Even so we came so far, the only thing that I've been eager for is the blessing from Teresa. My only bestie and soulmate. My heart just pain whenever I recall all those harsh message. Life is a journey and I have just go on no matter how tough it is. I hope to share the same happiness that I do with her one day & have her understanding.😔

Saturday, January 21, 2017

so surreal

It's so surreal that I'm going to meet you in the next couple of day.

We persevere, love, care so much throughout the journey as we knew it's something worth waiting for.

We create memories from distance and I couldn't believe time flies & you will be next to me so soon~.

I'm glad to have met you <3 p="">
We understand what's love stands for together through experience & journey.
Looking forward for creating more memories together and stay in the moment with you.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Thought for year 2016

It's winter again and everyone is planning for holiday to wrap up the year except me. :(

I miss those time when all of us got to go travel again. Time flies and it's year end again. It has been a quiet year and yet I've changed two jobs in a year. I learnt and experienced a lot throughout the new pathway that I wouldn't be able to walk through it myself in order to see more things where not everyone seen if I stick to the same company.

It is a tough journey and deep down I know it is tougher when the buddy is not around. Travelling has never been that fun without her around. I didn't plan for any long holiday this year since she is not around and I never felt that excitement anymore.

There are miscommunications in between throughout the year and it has been kept by myself throughout the year. Just wish things can be simpler and I only wish to treasure all my love ones when I could still. I did confessed to her in order to show how much i treasure the friendship and kent. The rest of the issues are not really important as life is short so why should we just dislike each other on small matters. I don't know how long more I could tresure all of them in the way I used to as I take everyday as the day before end of the world. :)

I miss the Chins(Teresa & Kent) and yea im going through long distance relationship this year. Basically, this is the cause of my low throughout the year. I just wish to stay in love with whoever i love and stay near to them. That's my key priority now in life when i found that my career and works can all be replaced except for the ones who are going to create memories with you. Looking forward to more memories down the road and we get to see each other more next year.

I'm thankful this year to have met Kent and we do learn how to love each other better at this distance. Love has no boundaries and no one will know how the future goes and we could only have faith in life.

Live Once and Love Most.

[Scarf for Kent]

And, I never know i could knit and i take this as a milestone that i have done before the year ends. :) I'm a believer in handmade and that's the way i believe how we should show love. Hope they will love it and keep them warm!

[Hat for mama]

Before I end this post, this is a little journey log book that I have written thoughout my trip at NY last year. It might be interesting to read all those log book and blogs again 10 years later. :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Time changes

Once we had dreams, slowly it changes,
Once we had too much expectations, slowly it changes,
Once we had too much time to spend with, slowly it changes,
Once we had too much arguments, slowly it changes,
Once we had too much worries, slowly it changes.

With changes, 
We turn to be better ones with bigger dreams, 
We live up everyday as the last day of life,  
We treasure quality time with loved ones, 
We live with peaceful mind, 
We realized there are so little of time left. 

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Reflection of 2015 on 2016

In the cold streets
Your warm body.
In whatever room
Your warm body.
Among all the people
Your absence
The people who are always
Not you.

My happiness is my treasury.
Fight it for my own and for you.
2016 a year of consistency towards the goal.
A better quality lifespan be it short or long.